Car care - car cleaning & car valeting services international

Car care - car cleaning and car valeting services international - a special service directly from Germanys "Der Autoputzer ®" ("The Carcleaner").

You are the owner of several cars and want them to be prepared for the exhibition at a fair or you are exhibitor and want your sample car to be cleaned and polished for the show?

We offer you a showroom car cleaning. Order this car care service for Germany or another country.

Actual prices:
Every car care or preparation is a "custom-made suit" and depends on your wishes. A "detailed" varnish conditioning (for instance in the dimension of a BMW 7, Mercedes Benz S- class, Audi A8, Ferrari, Bugatti) is charged with nearly ~ 500 € Euros  up to 2000 € Euros + travel expenses (diversify / depends on the country).

Non-german companies: after the booking of this service you prepay or rather you make a deposit - 50% of the total costs by means of bank transfer or bank credit. After the preparation we only accept cash payment.
If you are a in Germany registered company, we prepare an invoice for the rest of the fees, thus you don't need to pay the rest in cash.

Car care & car detailing training course needed?

Sports car cleaning
Tyre & rim cleaning
Motor maintenance
Van cleaning service
Transporter cleaning
Interior cleaning
Spot repair
SUV Cleaning

Car care and car valeting countries

Car Care and Car valeting services for following countries:

Austria (Österreich)

Danmark (Dänemark)

France (Frankreich)

Germany (Deutschland)

Switzerland (Schweiz, Suisse)
Turkey (Türkei, Türkiye)
United Arab Emirates (VAE - Vereinigte Arbabische Emirate)

Car Care and car valeting -
our carcare expert team directly travels from Germany to your country, to clean and maintain the laquer and interior of your high quality and high priced car (Audi, Bugatti, Ferrari, Hummer, Lamborghini, Maserati, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, eg.).

Car Care trainings, courses, seminars for your car clean staff - our english speaking Autoputzer™ Chief Trainer Mr. Yalcin Boyacioglu trains your staff - which will achieve more efficiency in quality.

If you hold that your employees could be trained for more efficiency, get in contact with us.

Our company is known from german television. Click here for our TV shows.

Car care, car cleaning & car detailing international

The Company "Der Autoputzer ®" - car care studios Germany is your reliable worldwide partner in high quality carcare, car valeting, car cleaning, autocare (small car, passenger car, combination, sedan, jeep, transporter, camper, bus, lorry, truck, planes, jets, eg.). From our center in Gütersloh Germany out we supply a periphery of at least 50 km. We supply all other areas with existing partner enterprises and their special services.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS can order by phone: +49 5241 2239634. Call also for further questions, don't hesitate!

The demand for professional vehicle care, hygenic and optical vehicle preparation (also known as car revaluation) as a service directly from the hand of the Autoputzers rises and wins continuously at favours and use; known from TV and media.

Substantial advantages and motives are the main factors to clean cars and commercial motor vehicles: revaluation before sale, preparation for the leasing return, cleanliness, saving of time, problem solution in case of special contamination, damage repair, removal damage of lacquer, Spot Repair lacquer and plastic, service car maintenance, cleaning of company and fleet vehicles, leather repair, autoleather new conception, etc.

As an interactive enterprise, with the head office in Gütersloh - North Rhine-Westphalia (East Westphalia Lippe) GERMANY - EUROPE, we are arranged to forward you free of charge and without obligation quotations in cooperation with our existing cooperation partners in your region/city/country. Ask here for a service or a partner for your city: e.g. dressing within the range lacquer preparation with lacquer cleaning, lacquer care, lacquer sealing, car and commercial motor vehicle interior cleaning within the range autointerior cleaning, vehicle sky cleaning, floor mat cleaning, carpet cleaning, pad cleaning or nicotine removal, general author agreement, polish, engine washing, fire hole removal, caravan - cleaning, remove foil pasting, odor removal, appraisal, Spot Repair lacquer and plastic (scratch, scrape, depression, dent), lacquer finish, leather repair, leather care, surface refinement, autorepair, disk pasting, car lacquer sealing, living car polish, living car cleaning, car maintenance, transporter cleaning, tarpaulin cleaning, sales preparation for the autotrade, passenger car bar purchase for car dealer customer, etc.

If you search for special products for the auto / car cleaning and car care,  you will find here these products: autopolish, chemistry for the car dressing, chrome polish, cold cleaning fluid, engine cleaner, polishing sponge, polish for different degrees of hardness and ranges of application (wax polish, carnaubawax polish, lacquer cleaning polish, etc.), pad cleaner, lint free cleaning cloths, lacquer lapping compound, tar remover, lacquer sealing, etc.

We also offer our professional car cleaning & car valeting services at your home. Our Autoputzer ("Car Cleaners") team travels for this service from Germany to your hometown and country.

Ask for the Autoputzer's international VIP Service. Call +49 5241 2239634

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